Becoming Better Muslims

The Adab of Eating & Drinking


Have you been told to eat or drink with your right hand when you eat or drink with your left hand? Take heed cuz Satan eats and drinks with his left hand. It is very important not to follow the Satan so do remind yourself everytime you eat and drink. It’s hard at first but it will become second nature to you in no time, insya Allah

It’s usually tricky with drinking so these are some practical tips:

  1. Open your water containers/bottles with your left hand. While your bottle cap is in your left hand, it will be natural for you to drink using your right hand. It’s kinda hard at first for a righty but you will get used to it
  2. Place your cup or water container on your right-hand side e.g while working in front of a computer or having coffee at a coffee house. When you feel thirsty, naturally you will reach out with your right hand since it is on your right-hand side. If you drink from a water bottle then tip #1 will be in action hence you will drink with your right hand
  3. If you eat with your hand, avoid from drinking while you are still eating (except if you are chocking, of course). There is a tendency to drink with your left hand cuz you feel it is not right to dirty the cup or to dirty your hand before you dip back into the plate. When you are done eating, you would usually lick, wipe and wash your hands then with clean hands it will be natural for you to drink with your right hand

As for eating, it is so not cool to eat with your left hand, especially on a day-to-day basis you clean yourself with your left hand. Even if you are lefty or the Western culture having the fork on the left and knife on the right, try your best to eat with your right hand

If you practice the Sunnah, you will be rewarded. All your hard work, concentration and focus to change from eating and drinking with your left hand to with your right hand will be rewarded, insya Allah

This hadith can be found in Sahih Muslim, in the Book of Drinks (كتاب الأشربة). Referrence number 5265 below is from the English Translation of Sahih Muslim, Darussalam Publication

Feel free to use the picture and spread the Sunnah

Becoming Better Muslims

Monday blues

It’s that dreaded day of the week again. I believe everyone is struggling with this “blues” which I don’t have a clue where it came from. I believe this is just like the yawn that became very contagious for no particular reason

I’m going to share some tips. Well.. I can say they work for me for most of the times. Hope they will work for you too

1) As Muslims, we have to work for the pleasures of Allah. Rectify your intentions every day before walking out that door or before you start driving to work. Start with Bismillah and say “Ya Allah, I am going to work for you today. Please make whatever I want to achieve today easy for me. Please accept this deed from me. Amin”. Regardless of the nature of your work is as long as it is a halal form of work, you can do this. Insha Allah by doing this, you will be rewarded. Remember, your job is an amanah, you cannot be lazy and expect to get the paycheck every month without striving. No! There will be no barakah and your heart will not be at ease. Remember, your boss may not be watching but Allah is always watching. ALWAYS

2) Don’t wear blue on Monday! Seriously. I think it’s a mind game. You know your Monday is “blue” and you make it worst by wearing blue or dark colors. Try some happy or bright colors. It works for me. After some time when I tried wearing blue again I don’t feel the “blues” effect anymore. Alhamdulillah

3) Find something that motivates you to work. Hmmm.. this is quite tough. I usually got the blues when I feel demotivated with work. I suggest do something that could make you feel good over the weekend to fix your mood and clear your mind before Monday comes. My recommendation: listen to a lecture from your favorite Sheikh. Maybe a lecture about Jannah or barakah would lift your spirits, Insha Allah 🙂

4) Plan ahead what you want to do on Monday. You might have accomplished some big things before Friday. Make some time to plan a little bit or make a mental note what you want to do on Monday. You won’t feel the “blues” that much because now you are looking forward to accomplish a new goal

Hope that helps! Let’s be a much better person starting today!